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To students who start job hunting

Mano offers basic tips of grooming and appearance for students who are starting job hunt.
For those who wear a suit for the first time or who do not have a suit yet, we introduce the know-how on how to select a suit.
There are tips of making a good impression at interviews through the overall head-to-toe appearance and accessories.
With the equiped knowledge and well-groomed appearance, a bright future is ahead of you.

We can help you to create a favorable impression of yourself, and stand out from the crowd.
Please feel free to contact us.

Recruit suits at a discounted price to show our support for job-hunting students

MEN & LADIES  ¥28,000~
Two pants suit  ¥40,000~
Three-piece set (skirt and pants) suit  ¥40,000~
Order shirt    ¥9,800~
Recruit coat   ¥38,000~
* Tax is not included in the listed price

Mens recruit suit
Ladies recruit suit