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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How long does it take for measurement and consultation?
It takes 10 to 15 mins for measurement alone. Usually it takes between 60 to 90 mins to decide all the details such as style, fabric. The more time we spend on consultation, the more accurate measuremnets and clear image we can have. So, we suggest that you give yourself plenty of time.
Q.Is reservation required?
To make sure our customers have plenty of time to choose fabric, reservation is required. Please contact us for availablity before coming.
Q.Do you travel to customers?
Yes, we do. We can travel to Kyoto, Shiga, Nara, Mie, Wakayama, Osaka, Hyogo for free. Meanwhile, we can travel to other areas too. Please feel free to contact us.
Q.Why is there a difference in price?
The price varies depending on the chosen fabric and other detailings. Our price range is from 41,800yen to several hundreds of thousand yen. We will explain to you thoroughly.
Q.Is it possible to have a special design?
We have confidence in special designs. We design live costums and clothes for people who are physically-challenged. We also design clothes inspired by fashion magazines. Please feel free to contact us.
Q.I am indecisive about design, and have difficulty in putting my image into words.
Do not worry. We will ask you couple questions during consulation. Questions like: When will you wear it? What color do you like? We will manifest it according to the image we heard from you. Meanwhile, we will advise you on recent trends, etc.
Q.Do you keep the measurement data?
Yes, we keep the data . There is no need for measurement as long as there is no change in your body shape and size.
Q.Are there any additional charges?
We do not charge for additional fabric due to size. There is no additional charge as long as there is no major change after your first consultation.
We will make any necessary alterment at no extra charge till the suit fit you perfectly and you are satisfied with it.
Q.Do you tailor make other than suits?
Yes, we take not only single order like slacks, vest, skirt and blouse, but also dress for wedding and funeral.
Q.When should I make a payment?
Please pay upon delivery. We accept card payment too.
Q.I do not have time.
Just tell us the possible time at your convenience. We can make it even on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, and at night.